We are pleased to announce the release of

Our second CD

Live 2004 features 10 musical selections, including original works such as “Afro-Taiko,” as well as traditional music from Japan. It also features our versions of Zoku and Irodori, made famous by the legendary KODO drummers of Japan.   The CD was recorded live at the State Fair of Texas in September and October, 2004.  (Total playing time 43:51)

The CD is always available at our live performances.

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Drummers Selections
Kent Multer

Martin McCall

Craig Shropshire

Rodney Cole

1.  Zendaiko
2.  Irodori
3.  Gift
4.  Mai
5.  Suehiro
6.  Wachi
7.  Afro-Taiko
8.  O-hanabi
9.  Zoku
10. Ogi Matsuri

Audio downloads

If you'd like to listen to some of our music now, you can click on the links below to download or listen to a few of our favorite songs:

Song MP3 file RealAudio
Gift Download (3.5 Mb) Listen
Afro-Taiko Download (5.2 Mb) Listen
Mai Download (5.8 Mb) Listen

And for those of you with slower Internet connections:

Mai 30-second sample Download (0.6 Mb) Listen
Afro-Taiko 1-minute sample Download (1.2 Mb) Listen

How do I listen to these files?

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If you need more information, the following facts may help.

RealAudio is a streaming format, so you don’t have to wait for the whole thing to download; you can start listening almost at once.  If your computer doesn’t have a player program for this format, we recommend RealPlayer; you can download a free copy from real.com.

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MP3 files have a better sound quality than the Real Audio streams; but you will have to download the whole file before you can listen to it.  If your computer doesn’t have a player program for this format, we recommend Winamp; you can download a free copy  from winamp.com.

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If you have problems with your browser, you may want to override its usual processing, and force it to save the audio file on your hard drive.  (Then you can work on it later, when you're not tying up the phone line!)  To do this, use the following steps:

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